Tuesday, May 18, 2010

GET OUT: Stand Up Paddle Boarding (SUP) ATX

Hawaiian traditions have found their way to Austin thanks to SUP ATX. Stand up paddle boarding is like surfing on calm, cool waters with a paddle to help steer you along. And if you're from El Paso, being around water is always a welcomed treat.  (In fact, El Paso is considering its own paddling trail along the Rio Grande river.)

To help spread the word and wonders of stand up paddle boarding, SUP ATX is currently giving free lessons five days a week for those who might want to try it out for the first time. A list of FREE meetups on Lady Bird Lake, Lake Travis, and Lake Austin can be found here.

It's definitely a great workout for your core and legs as you are constantly engaging your center to stay balanced. Your arms get a great workout as you paddle up and downstream for as long as you can. Here we see some Austinites taking advantage of this awesome experience.

Number one rule: Don't worry about falling in.
A special thanks to Anna C. Wilwayco for introducing us to this!

If you can't swim (and even if you swim really well), they give you life-saver fanny packs in case you tumble over.

It's relatively easy, so people of all ages can enjoy!

The following photos were taken from SUP-ATX on Facebook . Join the 10,000+ fans who "Like" this page!

Lady Bird Lake

Lake Travis

Lake Austin

Here is a story done by CBS-KEYE in Austin. Notice the newscaster at the beginning is El Paso's very own Michelle Valles.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Shout Out

On top of Doug Sahm Hill, across from Auditorium Shores, a Texas map notes how far El Paso is from Austin.

You might be in Texas

If you see someone with a cowboy hat driving around downtown with bumper stickers like this...

Well then you might be in Texas.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Eeyore's Birthday

Every last Saturday in April (for the past 47 years) Austinites get together to celebrate the birthday of Eeyore...yes from the Winnie the Pooh series of stories.  According to the story, Eeyore was upset and gloomy because he thought Pooh and friends had forgotten his birthday but was pleasantly surprised by his friends with a birthday party.  How in the world this became an Austin tradition is beyond my El Pasoan knowledge.  You can see some of the history here.  It is subculture at its best.

Among Eeyore's famous words are "Thanks for noticing me..."  He would have been amazed with what he saw this weekend.  Here is how Austin celebrated Eeyore's Birthday, 4/24/2010:

First you must cross this path...

All are encouraged to dress up in costume...

Free hugs!

Turkey Legs!

This guy is dressed as...
This guy...from a wall here in Austin. 

Statue of Liberty Eeyore and Random Drum Circle

Random Lady blowing bubbles for children
Body paint

A May Pole for the Kiddos

Jugglers and Man Painted in Silver...

Lucha Libre Drummer and People on a Hill

Guy with Two Parrots...why? Just because...

It was Eeyore's bday

Friday, April 16, 2010

This Week In Appreciation

I present a few things I have come to appreciate this week:

1. Camera Obscura (at Emo's on April 9th)

2. Bubble Tea (Any drink you can imagine with large tapioca balls or "pearls" at the bottom)

"Tapioca Ball Must Chew Before Swallow"

3. Tawainese Food

Things I still don't appreciate:
This t-shirt is currently being sold at the Austin airport :-/

2. Guns 

3. Video game hunting

4. My Digital Camera, because it takes pictures like this

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

You Might Be in Texas

If you see this shirt being sold at the airport...
Welll, then you may just be in Texas. :-/

Monday, March 29, 2010

GET OUT: Hike and Bike Trail (Lady Bird Lake Trail)

Austin is THE best city for getting outdoors and having fun.  Whether it be for working out, playing with your dogs, or having fun with your friends, Austin has a location for you.  Recently, I have come to appreciate the amazing scenery on the hike and bike trail on Town Lake (or Lady Bird Lake).

Don't get me wrong, El Paso has some breathtaking landscapes, particularly around Transmountain Rd.  There are some places where the mountains look almost purple, and the desert plants provide a sweet scent that is found no where else it seems.  But having lived there all my life, the fresh, cool scenery that Austin provides is a welcomed treat.  Local residents of all ages run and bike by the water.  I stand around in awe, take pictures, and get in people's way...

This picture is taken on the path underneath the Mopac highway.
Even the rocks welcome visitors to ATX

The Austin skyline in the background tells everyone to kick it up a notch.

Many come out to jog and bike on a beautiful sunny day.

Behind the statue of Stevie Ray Vaughn (kickass), you can somewhat see people rowing and kayaking on the lake.

And the best part is that this is just one area of the hike and bike trail.  There are over 50 miles of trail surrounding the lake and greenbelts.  It is the best place to GET OUT!